Tuesday, February 12, 2008

LA Confidential - James Ellroy

la confidential
james ellroy
c. 1990
496 pages

*may contain spoilers*

Read this book for both the Chunkster Challenge and 100 Greatest Novels (see sidebar for both). I had started it once before, but hadn't even gotten past the prologue. This time, by about half way through, I realized I couldn't put it down. I brought it with me everywhere I went.

I love cop shows, Law and Order, Numbers, etc. But I've never been one to READ cop stories. This is a first. And while I completely engrossed in the story and the characters, I got really confused sometimes. I think this will have to be one that I reread at some point. I need to make a character chart to keep track of everybody, how everyone's connected and who knows what.

I was so mad at the ending. While reading, I fell in love with Jack Vincennes, even more so when I looked up the movie and saw he was played by Kevin Spacey, which is somewhat odd seeing as I never knew I was such a Kevin Spacey fan. I think I've only seen two of him movies all the way through (American Beauty and Superman Returns, in case anyone was wondering). Apparently he has made quite an impression on me. ANYWAY. I was so mad when he died. However, one of them had to go, I guess. My vote was for Bud, but seeing as Ed and Jack were the ones who had a secret in their past that showed them not quite the hero they were supposed to be, he was let go. And I guess you knew it would happen to Jack and not Ed. He got his absolution, divulging his secret to Ed and Karen, and both forgave him. And as soon as he put that Hawaiian shirt on underneath his clothes, you knew he was a goner.

I hated that they didn't get Dudley, too. Jack died and they couldn't get Dudley.


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