Monday, April 8, 2013

Miss Buncle's Book - DE Stevenson

miss buncle's book
de stevenson
c. 1934
299 pages
completed 3/29/2013

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*may contain spoilers*

One fine summer's morning the sun peeped over the hills an looked down upon the valley of Silverstream.

Miss Barbara Buncle is going through a hard time financially. In order to make ends meet, she decides to write a book. Because, as Barbara claims, she has little imagination, she writes what she knows. And what she knows are the people of Silverstream. Though her publisher Mr. Abbott thinks the book a great success, when the book hits the shelves the people of Silverstream are furious at their less than positive portrayals. As the town embarks on a witch hunt for the mysterious author John Smith, Barbara can do nothing but watch as her book takes hold of the town of Silverstream and turns it on its head.