Friday, February 6, 2009

The wonderful h...

I found this on Hey Lady! Whatcha Readin? She had made her own list (of the letter "O"), I left a comment, she emailed me my letter, and here we are! 10 things I love that start with the letter H...

*DISCLAIMER: H was a hard letter for me, so a few of these are...odd.

1. HOT CHOCOLATE - However, I am very particular about it. It is not good when you go to restaurants of the IHOP/Denny's variety and they bring you chocolate milk that has been heated in a microwave and disguised with whipped cream. No no. My hot chocolate should be made with 1 packet of hot chocolate mix (whatever brand you prefer...I like Swiss Miss), I spoonful of sugar, and hot milk. The chocolate mix and sugar should be mixed together at the bottom of your mug, then a small amount of hot milk should be added and stirred to create a thick paste. Then the rest of the milk is added and stirred. Drink and enjoy!!

2. HEAT - I am always cold. ALWAYS. When I lived in Seattle, I didn't own a pair of shorts and lived through August with a sweatshirt.

3. HAM SALAD - I have never found this anywhere but in Delaware. My mother would go to the Zingo's (a little grocery store) and get it at the deli counter in a little pint-sized tub. It's the same idea as tuna salad or chicken salad, but was made from ground ham.

4. HOT PINK - One of the co-tackiest colors ever (the other being orange) and therefore my co-favorite color.

5. HOME - I don't think I need to explain this. There's no place like home.

6. HARRY POTTER - I love Love LOVE Harry Potter. I will never give up until Girlfriend actually reads them. Seeing the movie just isn't the same. For the record, my favorite is the third.

7. HAPPY HARRY'S - Which sounds like it could be some creepy guy, but is in fact the greatest drug store in the Mid-Atlantic.

8. HOROSCOPES - Girlfriend and I read our horoscopes every morning. And mine ALWAYS come true.

9. HOHORSE - This is where we really get into the odd high school, I dated a boy named Jorge. At some point during that time, my Nana came to visit. My Nana was from south Georgia, a little town called Ocilla, and for some reason she could not pronounce Jorge's name. "Hohorse" is how it came out. I miss my Nana.

10. HEATH - My (faux)big brother who just recently went from pot-head lame-o to responsible family man. I miss him, too.

So there's my list! If you have somehow stumbled upon my blog and would like to participate, leave me a comment and I'll assign you a letter.

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trish said...

You did awesome! Hohorse had me cracking up. Have you seen the recipe on Pioneer Woman for her hot chocolate sauce? I haven't tried it yet, but I'm thinking you totally should.

You can use warm milk to make hot chocolate. Yum!