Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The Teahouse on Mulberry Street - Sharon Owens

the tea house on mulberry street
sharon owens
c. 2005
321 pages
completed 2/3/2009

read for: well seasoned reader challenge, what's in a name challenge

*may contain spoilers*

This book was a little too chick-lit for me. Which is not me dissing chick-lit. Though I know there are some exceptions, that particular genre is not for me. It just seems there's a little too much sunshine and rainbows, even when we're talking about very sad and depressing things. For some people, that is what they like about chick-lit. So. To each his own.

I was a little distressed by the amount of adultery that went on during this book. At least FIVE different story lines centered around people committing or seriously contemplating adultery. And that just seems like too much. Is no one in Belfast, Ireland happily married?


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Melissa said...

Is no one in Belfast, Ireland happily married?

Ha. Maybe not. I'll pass on this one. Thanks. :)