Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Wrap it up...

Okay, so I've been done with the Chunckster Challenge since forever (well, since July) and I'm tired of looking at it on my blog so I'm writing the wrap up and getting rid of it.
For this challenge, we were to read four books in 2008 that were over 450 pages long. These are the first four. I'm sure I've read more than that since July, but those were the first and they're the ones I counted.

I read...

1. LA Confidential - James Ellroy 4/5
2. The Red and the Black - Stendhal 4/5
3. Standing in the Rainbow - Fannie Flagg 4/5
4. The Virgin's Lover - Phillipa Gregory 4/5

Okay. So they were all consistently pretty good all across the board. I think Standing in the Rainbow was my favorite. All good reads.

I have also just finished up the Book to Movie Challenge. Between September 1st and December 1st, read three books that have been turned into movies.

I read...

1. Little Women - Louisa May Alcott 5/5
2. The Pilgrim of Hate - Ellis Peters 4/5
3. The Halloween Tree - Ray Bradbury 4/5

All good, but Little Women was the best.

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