Tuesday, October 14, 2008

CNN Heroes

Okay, so normally this blog is strictly about books. However, today I heard about CNN Heroes and I had to post about it. From now until Thanksgiving, you can go here and vote between the top ten CNN Heroes of 2008 for who you believe should be the number 1 CNN Hero and winner of $100,000 (probably to be used to further their hero-ness). It's pretty cool to see the top ten people and read about why they're heroes. So if you're so inclined, check out the link and vote for who you think is the number 1 hero.

What is especially exciting about this for me is I KNOW ONE OF THE HEROES! I spent 2007 serving as a Team Leader in AmeriCorps*NCCC (which is the greatest program ever and you can learn more about here), a 10 month national service program. During that year, I spent most of July and August in the St. Bernard Parish of Louisiana, a little outside New Orleans, working with the St. Bernard Project, a non profit organization which helps Hurricane Katrina survivors rebuild their homes. The organization was founded by Liz McCartney and Zach Rosenburg in 2006, is run mostly by volunteers, and so far has helped to rebuild over 140 homes. This is a great organization, and an area of need that has faded from the minds of most of America. So vote for Liz (or anyone you like) as 2008's Number 1 CNN Hero!

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JCR said...

What a lovely story! I am off to vote at CNN. JCR