Friday, April 18, 2008

The Last Silk Dress - Ann Rinaldi

the last silk dress
ann rinaldi
c. 1988
325 pages

*may contain spoilers*

This was my second book for the Heart of a Child Challenge (see sidebar). I read this book for the first time when I was probably in fourth or fifth grade. And I loved it. My aunt had given me two other Ann Rinaldi books before I read this one, but for some reason I couldn't seem to get into them. It was until I read this one that I discovered how much I loved historical fiction and Ann Rinaldi. I eventually went back and read the other two and loved them. I am still collecting Ann Rinaldi's books. I know they are YA books, but it's not fair that just because I'm grown I can't read and love the books she wrote after my time.

It's probably been years since I read The Last Silk Dress. There were events that occurred that I didn't remember, so even though I knew the basic story and what would eventually happen there were still some surprises for me.

One thing I noticed this time around, however, was that I like Susan less now. Before I thought she was strong and high spirited, and I still think that, but I think now that she's more of a typical Southern Belle then she'd like to admit.

It's hard to rate something that you've been reading and loved for years, something that's a part of your childhood.



CarGate said...

I love Ann Rinaldi, but I've only read one of her novels. I've been searching the local bookstores and library for a copy of The Last Silk Dress. When I was in 7th grade I was assigned "Time Enough for Drums," which I adored and just read a couple weeks ago in honor of the holiday I guess. I love to just pick up that book for fun and read it in a day. This one, and Last Silk Dress are older, before I was old enough to read them (Drums, 1986) and appreciate them. Have you read any of her recent novels? A Break With Charity looks interesting. Just wondering which one I should read next.

Veronica said...

Well, looking at my shelf I see that I own 16 of her books! My favorites are probably "A Break With Charity" about the Salem Witch Trials, "An Acquaintance With Darkness" about the assassination of Lincoln, "Finishing Becca" about Benedict Arnold and Peggy Shippen, and of course "The Last Silk Dress." And even though those are my favorites, there hasn't been one that I've read that I haven't enjoyed. So take your pick and go to town!