Tuesday, July 31, 2007

A Million Little Pieces - James Fray

a million little pieces
james frey
c. 2005
448 pages

This book made me crazy. It really did. While the story itself was intriguing, though nothing we haven't really heard before, I really could not stand the style of writing. There are rules for when one is writing a piece of prose, whether fiction or non, and I am a firm believer that those rules should be followed. For instance, punctuation is important. I wanted to scream every time someone new started talking as there were no quotation marks. I feel it somewhat takes away from the story when I constantly have to figure out who's talking or even IF someone's talking.

On an entirely opposite note, I think the controversy over this book is somewhat rediculous. People are outraged that it's possible some things did not happen entirely as the author says they did. It's possible the relationship between James and Lily was partially fabricated. Ultimately, why does this matter? Why did Oprah have to freak out quite as badly as she did. It's still an important story to tell. And one that I am glad I read.

I feel I cannot judge a book too harshly just because the author wanted to be artistic with his writing choices. Though it drove me crazy, the story itself was what was important and therfore I will grade that accordingly.


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