Monday, July 2, 2007

In all manner of things, she looked appalled...

I like to read. Sometimes I feel I am an avid reader, though it is really only recently that I have begun reading what some (and by some I mean my sisters) would deem decent reading. However, they are snobbish when it comes to most things and so I don't really pay much mind to what they say regarding my reading (or dating or clothing, etc.) Anyway, I have recently discovered something that has caused me to feel appalled. Due to my incredibly rediculously busy and slightly miserable schedule (I'm currently serving as a Team Leader in AmeriCorps NCCC Eastern Region Class XIII), I have only been able to read five books since the beginning of 2007. FIVE! This is such a low number. I am deeply ashamed. And so I am attempting to rectify this situation. I have a number of different list of books that I plan on reading before I die (The London Observer's 100 Greatest Novels or The Complete List of Penguin Classics to name a few) as well. Hopefully in the next half of this year I'll be able to get through at least SIX books.

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