Saturday, February 25, 2012

Aaaaaaaand, I'm back!


I seriously don't know what happened. Somehow, when I moved to Santa Barbara in September, something took over my person and I quit reading. Like for serious, I have not finished a book since September. I've barely attempted to START a book since September.

I blame part of it on the library system in Santa Barbara. I definitely don't have the money to BUY all the books I want to read, so instead I tend to be a library girl. But I don't like to BROWSE the library. I have neither the time nor the inclination, and have always enjoyed the ability to reserve the specific books I want to read at the moment. Except the Santa Barbara library charges a dollar per book. I've never belonged to a library that charged me for reserving books. I can maybe MAYBE see charging me a flat rate to use that service (though I don't really like that either, because isn't the point of the library to let me read books for free?), like a certain amount per month or year, but a dollar per book? Considering the amount of books I would put on hold, that's way too much money to spend. So instead of reading, I've been doing other things. Like working. And watching TV.

I do miss reading, though. And blogging. My TBR list is calling out to me, begging to be browsed through. And even if I'm still judging the Santa Barbara library, there are sad, unread books on my shelf that I could be starting on. I hope this post helps break the cycle I'm on and convinces me to pick up a book soon. We'll see.

Until then, my booky friends, know I miss you and I'm thinking of you while I'm off in TV land.

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Alyssa from Hunger Games Summary said...

What about just looking up the book and picking it up later instead of the "blunt" reservation?

I smell excuses :P