Friday, October 1, 2010

By the end of October...

So the reading hasn't been going so well the past few months. I make great plans, but then they all fall apart. I wish I could give a good reason for the lack of reading, like I was off having awesome adventures or running from the law. Unfortunately, my lack of reading probably stems from the fact that I just watched the first five seasons of Bones from the beginning (hence the new TV boyfriend). Maybe this month will be different? Somehow I doubt it...

To be Read by the End of October
Possesion - AS Byatt
No Name - Wilkie Collins
The Well and the Mine - Gin Phillips
Beloved - Toni Morrison
Mudbound - Hillary Jordan
Against Nature - Jori-Karl Huysman
The Heretics Daughter - Kathleen Kent
Looking for Alaska - John Green

Yikes. Things might be starting to unravel...

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