Friday, July 2, 2010

Entry Post - BBAW2010 (Historical Fiction)

I know I'm kind of waiting until the end here, but I'm finally registering for Book Blogger Appreciation Week. I tend to stay a little on the outskirts of the book blogging community. I have my blogs that I read and I participate in some challenges during the year, but that's about it. I don't really venture too far out. So it feels a little weird nominating myself for an award. Today is my blog's three year anniversary, and with that I've decided to try to become a little more involved in things so here I am, like a little turtle poking my head out. Not sure where the metaphor came from, but let's go with it...

It was pretty easy to choose my niche. While I try not to read too much of the same thing all the time, most of what I read is set in the past. Possibly that has to do with being a history major? So even though there is a good bit that I have read this past year that is NOT historical fiction, the majority is. I took some time choosing my five posts. I don't do much writing on my blog that isn't reviews, so four of my posts are reviews. However, I thought it was important to have at least one post of something a little different, so the fifth post was my entry for the Virtual Advent Calendar this past Christmas involving historical/traditional Christmas music. Not exactly book related (except for a little blip at the end) but fits in nicely with the historical aspect.

Best Historical Fiction Blog
Mistress of the Revolution - Catherine Delors
Niccolo Rising - Dorothy Dunnett
Sir Percy Leads the Band - Baroness Emmuska Orczy
The Other Queen - Philippa Gregory
Virtual Advent - The Christmas Revels

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