Sunday, August 9, 2009

The Black Dahlia - James Ellroy

the black dahlia
james ellroy
c. 1987
325 pages
completed 8/9/2009

read for: read your own books challenge, 1001 books

*may contain spoilers*

In a vacant lot in LA, 1947, Elizabeth Short is found murdered and mutilated. The LAPD is turned upside down looking for her murderer. Two cops, Dwight "Bucky" Bleichert and his partner Lee Blanchard, find themselves pulled from their normal beat and thrust into the heart of the investigation. The two cops become obsessed with Betty Short, known in the media as 'the Black Dahlia,' and their lives begin to unravel as they dig deeper and deeper into the mystery surrounding her death.

Okay, that synopsis didn't come out quite intelligently but hopefully you get the idea. This book is complicated! There is a LOT going on. I had some trouble keeping track of everybody and everything that was going on, but that just kept me more and more intrigued. There were so many false turns and faulty leads that just came to nothing, but everything came together in the end.



Court said...

Have you seen the movie? How does this book compare to that?

Veronica said...

I did see the movie, but it was quite some time ago when the movie first came out. And only the once so to be quite honest I don't remember much about the movie. I think I liked it, but I do remember being a little confused. I will tell you this...apparently author James Ellroy saw the original cut of the movie which was about three and a half hours long and loved it. Said it was a great adaptation. Then the movie came out...after being edited down by about an hour and a half. And so the story changed a little bit.