Monday, March 16, 2009

Just a chain reaction...

Saw RENT last night. With the original Mark and Roger. Yea me! RENT = awesome. I was especially fond of the interpretive homeless dancing. And the salmon/lime/grey striped pants Roger wears in the first half of the first act. I think I would wear pants like that. And would look especially stylish.

There are always, sadly, a few minor annoyances with going to the theater. Seeing as they are not putting on a private performance for just me. First, when did nice theaters start allowing people to bring drinks and food into the actual theater? Not just drinks and food, but wine and beer ( and RENT...haha)? I really thought the girl behind me was going to spill her tiny eight dollar glass of wine on me. Mostly because she kept talking about accidentally spilling her tiny eight dollar glass of wine on me. And then during the funeral scene, she did, in fact, knock over her tiny wine glass. Thankfully she had already drunk all of her wine. Also, on the serving of alcohol at the theater, when you're allowed refills and bringing it into the theater, well...there were some drunk people coming out of the theater. Way to stay classy, San Diego.

It has been brought to my attention within the last year, that when I watch movies, or TV, or theater or whatever...I am a very minimal reactionist. I don't laugh when things are funny. Something that seems to freak out Girlfriend on occasion. I don't sob when things are sad. I used to sit stony faced through every movie I ever saw (with the exception of The Fox and the Hound and Deep Impact, though don't ask me why). I think things are funny or sad, I just don't outwardly express that very well. In recent years, I have become a bit of a cryer, though I maintain that my movie crying is mostly silent. I have to say...people like us get a bit of the short end of the stick. It is hard to find a performance moving and emotional when you're constantly worried that the girl behind you will, in the end, lose the battle with the pint of snot that is threatening to shoot out of her nose as she sobs and hiccups into aforementioned wine glass.

But let's be for real. Complaining aside, I love this show and was so happy to be there to enjoy it. I don't think it could ever get old.

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